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Shinji is guided by intuition, self-analysis, natural observation and the desire to achieve a quantum level of understanding. He is an adaptable, fluid and empathetic entity that admires the simplicity of a single vertex and at the same time finds peace in what is seemingly complex.

Shinji is approachable, listens with intent and purpose and wants to inspire the world around him. Key traits include integrity, compassion, experimentation and freedom of expression, a youthful silliness but also an acute and precise attention to detail, when necessary.

Akhirah is the connoisseur, the philosopher, the eternal scholar and the child that paints outside the lines onto the floor and into the hearts of those that allow vulnerability to shine through. She understands that this life is temporal and finite in its ability to show you the scale of the marvels of our universe.


She is the poet that breathes inspiration and hope into a gentle breeze on a hot day, purposefully unwrapping and revealing secrets of deep understanding in a language lost and encoded. 

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